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Quantum Consciousness and the Fifth Dimension

Quantum Consciousness and the Fifth Dimension

By Indi Riverflow

“Where ya comin’ from?”

Our worldview is largely a function of our location. The range of what we can experience and imagine is bounded by the culture that spawned us, and the place that we hold within it. Transcending locality is key to comprehending quantum consciousness.

The dynamic opportunities offered by the two dimensions of a page are amplified infinitely, when a third dimension is perceived, making a book, or perhaps a library. Similarly, the more aware of the dimensions that compose our reality we become, the more mastery we can have over the paradoxes of perception.

Who we find ourselves to be has a great deal to do with where we’re coming from. We can describe this in terms of latitude, longitude, and altitude, but also in terms of duration (chronitude) and personality forming experience, realitude.

So some of us live in a dimension where spirits are in active constant contact; others experience no such thing and judge the first class to be insane. To form a consensus reality, it is not necessary to reproduce results for an instrument; the reality is whatever we collectively consider it to be. This is why heretics, simply by representing an alternate viewpoint, are so dangerous to systems which depend on agreeing to an unverifiable perception.

If a geometric point, which theoretically has no dimension, is added to another dimensionless point, a line is generated, in one dimension. If this line is curved about to form a circle, we have two. Bring it into three dimensions, and not only do we have a sphere with an infinite set of points on the surface, but if the camera backs up far enough, that sphere slowly reverts to our original dimensionless point.

Just as a page has not only length and width but also an infinitesimal degree of height, the three dimensions of space also have a slice of time running through them. Because we are within it, we are generally only able to move in a single direction through time, at the subjectively variable rate of one second per second.

The mind is more flexible; memories can track back along the trail of a lifetime, and, in past-life regression, beyond. Perceiving the future is more difficult, and less certain, because we come from a line, but are headed for a sphere.

Thus the multiverse theory of quantum entanglement. All possible events transpire in all conceivable combinations, and every outcome occurs in one dimension or another. So in magic, one is not so much remaking the world to bring about a specific outcome, but propelling consciousness through an act of will into a realm where this has already been accomplished.

Shamanic traditions such as those described by Carlos Castaneda make good and deliberate use of this effect. According to Don Juan, our view of reality is fixed according to the position of an assemblage point in the middle of the spine, which approximates the heart chakra. To upset this fixation and induce a broader apprehension of the world, Don Juan strikes this spot, allowing Carlos to see the world of emanations.

So what is the ultimate validity of these supernatural visions? They have the validity we give to them. But our minds do not exist in isolation. For every intention, there is opposition. Magic is the art of defining intention in a way that transcends the frustration of it.

Understanding how we came to want this outcome in the first place is as important as expending energy to promote it. Even more important can be a careful consideration of hidden repercussions.

Otherwise, a spell for world peace could be manifested in the form of a catastrophe that leaves the world very quiet indeed.

Two monkeys from literature come to mind-appropriately enough, one dead and one alive. The Monkey’s Paw, by W.W. Jacobs, in which a wish-granting talisman results in the death of the protagonist’s family.

The other is The Hundredth Monkey, by Ken Keyes, Jr. Living monkeys appear to spread evolutionary advancements between isolated populations by unknown means.

So perhaps the real question is, which monkey do ya wanna be?

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